Chiropractic = Preventative Healthcare

Chiropractic = Preventative Healthcare

Did you know that of the $2 trillion plus dollars our nation spends every year on “health” care, only 4 cents of every dollar is spent on preventative care?  And most of the 4 cents today is only child vaccinations? Knowing that fact, would you still call our system “health” care or sick care?

No matter which way you lean in the political healthcare debate, everyone has the same goal in the end – a healthy family that does not come with an astronomical price tag.  The challenge I think lies in what we call “health” care today.

The healthiest person in our family is actually our 3-year-old.  Think about it – she gets constant exercise, eats healthier than I do, does not drink soda/alcohol, and she gets 10+ hours of sleep each night.  She is around plenty of “germy” kiddos at pre-school and has all the bumps and falls of others her age – she is not in a bubble.  She also gets regular chiropractic adjustments, keeping her body performing at its optimal health – most importantly her immune system. Her primary healthcare at this stage of life is preventative, with the goal that remains true her entire life.  The cost of her healthcare each year is very, very small.  Obviously it helps that her father is a chiropractor for those regular adjustments. But you might be surprised to learn, not unlike some other offices, family wellness plans allow kids to be adjusted with very little or no additional cost of the parents being patients.

For most of us “broken” adults, the wear and tear, bad habits and stressful schedules does not make it easy.  Did you know that stress actually causes your sympathetic nervous system to release toxins in your body?  So when someone generally says, “stress is bad for you,” it really is triggering reactions inside your body impacting your health.

So start with the concept presented at the beginning of this post….the way you think about healthcare.  If you can save hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands for some) over a year by improving your overall health to a point where you don’t have to pay for medicine you take every day. You don’t have to miss work or wages, or spend so many dollars on “sick” care visits and premiums by taking control and making good choices for yourself.  And the cherry on top….you actually feel good each day you wake up.  More like that 3-year-old kid you used to be.  And if you’re already doing some of these things for yourself and your family, have you also tried chiropractic as your primary care?

As Thomas Edison stated, “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” You will see that quote in countless Chiropractic offices everywhere, as that is at the core of Chiropractic philosophy. It is the vision at Natural Life Chiropractic and what we do every day for patients.  Chiropractic care is preventative healthcare, so if you haven’t already, experience something remarkable.