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Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Treatment

While there are various methods of treating a herniated disc, many people choose to visit chiropractors as we offer non-invasive solutions for both the short and long-term. If you live in the Omaha, NE area and you’re looking for a premium chiropractor, Natural Life Chiropractic is an excellent provider of herniated disc treatment. This is an overview of the services that we offer to treat your bulging disc.


Herniated Disc Symptoms

Before we review the treatments we offer, here are the most common symptoms and causes of a herniated disc:

  • Unexplained weakness of the muscles
  • Pain from walking short distances
  • Pain extending to the arms and legs
  • Aching, burning or tingling in the area of the affected disc
  • Pain that worsens at night or with certain movements
  • Pain that gets worse after sitting or standing
  • Pain and/or numbness that usually affects only one side of the body

Herniated Disc Causes

The following is a list of the most common causes of a herniated disc:

  • Aging: One of the most common causes of a herniated disc is aging. As we continue to age, it becomes easier for us to be injured. The same applies to a herniated disc.
  • Incorrect Twisting and Turning: Although twisting and turning is a normal activity, doing so in an overly aggressive manner can cause you to develop a herniated disc.
  • Heavy Lifting: Another common activity that can also lead to a herniated disc is heavy lifting. If you lift things improperly or lift something too heavy for you, you may end up with a herniated disc.
  • Obesity: A herniated disc can also be caused by carrying too much weight which can cause stress and strain on your spine, this strain can result in a herniated disc.

Herniated Disc Treatments

Depending on the nature of your herniated disc, the following is an overview of the treatments we offer:

  • Flexion Distraction: This involves the use of a specialized table that gently stretches the spine.
  • Manipulation under anesthesia: Using a type of anesthesia known as twilight sleep, this method involves stretching and manipulating the spine while the patient's body is in a relaxed state.
  • Pelvic blocking techniques: This treatment involves the use of cushioned wedges placed on either side of the pelvis as well as gentle stretches and exercises.

Chiropractic Care for Your Herniated Disc Symptoms

Overall, if you are seeking treatment for a herniated disc, you have come to the right place! Proudly serving the Omaha, NE area, Natural Life Chiropractic will provide you with premium-quality service from compassionate, and well-trained professionals. Call us today at (402) 505-4148 to schedule your appointment.

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