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Sports Rehabilitation

For residents of Omaha, NE, and nearby locations, Omaha Natural Life offers a comprehensive range of chiropractic services. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or dealing with chronic pain, a skilled chiropractor can help diagnose and treat several conditions. Dr. Monte Hinze, the practicing chiropractor at Omaha Natural Life in Omaha, NE, has years of experience offering effective sports rehab services.


Benefits of Sports Rehab

Sports rehabilitation covers a variety of treatment activities. It is often defined as the facilitation of the process of recovery from a sports-related injury. Sports rehabilitation is not just about treatment – it is also about preventing injury from occurring again. Even if you do not currently have a sports injury, a session with our chiropractor can help diagnose any underlying condition that might lead to a sports injury.

A sports rehab program can help you recover faster and reduce the chances of injury reoccurrence. Sports injuries can occur in any sport or exercise including golf, basketball, running, etc.  The most common types of sports injuries are sprains, strains, torn ligaments, dislocations, fractures, and muscle injuries. Any injury needs to be correctly diagnosed before treatment can begin. A sports rehab program will help you manage pain and improve your strength and mobility to levels higher than before the injury.

How Can a Chiropractor Help With Sports Rehab?

If you have sustained a sports injury, our chiropractor can guide you through several aspects of recovery including physical therapy, exercise, nutrition, posture, sleep, lifestyle changes, and more. Chiropractic techniques are extremely safe and are non-invasive. That means our chiropractor can help you recover without surgical intervention.

Chiropractic techniques stimulate blow flow to the injured region, relaxing the muscles and enhancing the body’s natural healing properties. A skilled chiropractor can use manual manipulation or instrument-aided adjustment for the injured region, which immediately reduces pain and inflammation. Over time, the mobility and function of the injured region will improve.

Chiropractic Care at Natural Life Chiropractic

To book an appointment with our chiropractor, kindly get in touch with our team. Aside from sports rehab, we also offer spinal rejuvenation, pediatric chiropractic care, massage therapy, and more. If you are a new patient, our team would be glad to guide you through the new patient process. Give us a call at (402) 442-0733 or request an appointment online

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