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Work can be a pain without experiencing actual physical pain from the work you do. We want to make sure work is as pain free as possible. Approximately 65 million Americans report experiencing some sort of back pain. Tailbone pain from sitting at desks or lower back pain from sitting at desks are common complaints. Our work environment or conditions can have a huge impact on how we feel and how we move. We as a society sit now more than ever before. Most of us work a desk job or drive for a living, which leaves a majority of us sitting for our paycheck. 

Here are some tips on how to make your work environment more back friendly: 

  1. Create an ergonomic workspace 
    1. Make sure items are within close reach to limit poor technique of stretching and lifting. Make sure repetitive lifting is limited by placing heavier items at counter level if possible. Use a rolling dolly to move paper boxes and other heavy items. 
  2. Splurge on a good desk chair
  3. Always practice good posture – pull shoulders back and head up
  4. Practice proper lifting techniques and movements 
    1. Lift with your legs! Ask HR about proper lifting training for all employees.
  5. Take regular breaks to move and stretch
    1. Make an effort to move. Take a flight of stairs during your break! Using therapeutic stretching exercises can also help. 
  6. A supportive shoe can be your best friend

Creating an ergonomic space can be as easy as investing in a standing desktop that can be lowered and raised when needed. I’m working from my standing desktop as I type! It’s been a total game changer for my lower back pain! Sitting is the number one cause of lower back pain and obesity. Humans were not meant to be stagnant creatures. Sitting with your legs crossed or even on a bulky wallet can lead to hip displacement. Using a paper box lid under your desk to raise your feet when sitting can also help alleviate hip displacement and alignment. Using therapeutic stretching exercises from a licensed chiropractor along with regular chiropractic adjustments can further alleviate pain. 

If you’re like me, you look for creative ways to get up and move throughout your day. Severe back pain can reduce how much we move to feel better, which creates an endless cycle. Make a schedule with movement goals to regularly remind yourself when you’re moving and exactly what your move goals are. You’ll be surprised by the extra steps you can get in during a 10 minute break. Come see us and let us help get you on track to less lower back pain.