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Back pain may be one of the worst types of muscle injuries. Every movement you make hurts. Back pain from doing yard work can prevent you from going to work, taking care of your family, and many other things. But fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent back pain from yard work.

  1. Warm-Up: Make sure you warm up before you get into the heavy lifting part of your yard work. Spending a few minutes doing a dynamic warmup will get your muscles ready to complete the work you need to do. Some warm-up ideas include a 5-10 minute walk, jumping jacks, walking lunges, and arm circles.
  2. Hydrate: Your muscles need water to function to their full potential. Staying hydrated will allow your muscles to work properly and support your physical activity. Keeping your hydration levels up can help to prevent cramps, spasms, and dehydration.
  3. Mix Up Tasks: Don’t spend too much time doing one task. Do a little bit of mowing, raking, digging, pruning, etc. to prevent back injuries.
  4. Mowing: While mowing, be sure to maintain proper posture. If you lean too far forward, you can put extra strain on your neck and upper back. Proper posture will ensure that pressure is spread out throughout your entire body.
  5. Weeding: Avoid bending at the waist for long periods of time. If you do, your back may start aching. Utilizing a rubber kneeling mat, wheeled gardening stool, or sitting on the ground can help prevent back pain. Also, make sure to have your tools close at hand.
  6. Lifting: When lifting heavy objects such as bags of dirt or potted plants, be sure to keep your back straight and lift with your legs, not your back. You can also separate piles into smaller piles to prevent straining your back.
  7. Raking: Most people rake with their dominant side only. This will cause you to overuse one side of your body. Utilizing both hands will more evenly spread the work amongst your body. This may feel weird at first. But your body will thank you later.
  8. Wearing Supportive Shoes: Wear shoes that provide support to your feet, arch, and ankles. The support your shoes provide can prevent the strain from reaching your back.
  9. Take Breaks: Taking time for your body to recover while doing yard can greatly reduce the chances of back pain occurring. Pushing yourself to exhaustion can cause you to start to use poor posture and lifting techniques increasing the odds of injury.
  10. Outsource: You can always hire a local kid to do all the heavy lifting for you. A of kids can’t find summer jobs. So they may be more than happy to help you out with all of the heavy lifting. You two will both win.

If You Do Get Back Pain From Yard Work, Contact Our Office Today To Get Started on The Road to Recovery.