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Closed Toed Shoes Standing on Brick

Did you know that your feet play a major role in hip, neck and back pain? Your feet serve as the foundation of your body, holding most of its weight. When something in that foundation is out of place or isn’t being taken care of correctly, it can easily convert to discomfort. There are many different ways your feet contribute to this pain, and here are 3 ways to combat it.

Get Orthopedic Shoe Inserts

Having shoes that don’t correctly support your arches can directly contribute to your back pain and discomfort. With shoe inserts, you can offer your shoe soles a soft yet supportive foundation to go with you everywhere you walk. Now, this may not cure everyone’s pain, but it’s an excellent place to start. If this doesn’t help, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor to further discuss your needs.

Analyze The Surfaces You Stand On

Do you run or hike often? Consistently standing on rough, uneven and unforgiving surfaces contribute to many different back pains and aches. You can fix this by either changing your type of shoe to better match these surfaces, or you can change the surface, like adding a soft matt into your office, underneath your desk.

See a Specialist

There are many physical reasons your feet may be causing your back pain and it is important to see a chiropractor to help find its root cause. Having bad posture or one leg that is longer than the other could be the issue. Another possibility could be overpronation, when your feet turn inward when walking, or underpronation, when your feet turn outward when walking. Seeing a chiropractor will help focus on the main cause and they will provide steps to reduce this pain.

At Natural Life in Omaha, you are our chiropractors main priority. With our one on one visits, you can trust that you will have our undivided attention and care. We will faze out any underlying mechanical issues first, and then learn more about your lifestyle and work habits. A game plan will be created, and you’ll be on your way to pain-free living.

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