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If you suffer from headaches or migraines on a regular basis, you may be wondering, “can a chiropractor help with headaches?” The cause of most headaches is physical trauma, emotional stress, nutritional imbalances or chemical toxins. Many times, it’s a combination of several of these factors. Our only goal in chiropractic care is getting to the root cause of your pain, alleviating the cause and creating a stronger spinal and nervous system so that your body works in tune with itself. If we can’t help relieve your pain, we can help diagnose a potential cause and refer you to the proper specialist for further care. 

Your chiropractic adjustment for migraines or headaches starts with a thorough exam to determine which parts of the spine are working together. X-rays are usually necessary to fully understand a patient’s spine. Nerves, muscles and even blood supply to the head can be affected by your spinal cord. The central nervous system and all blood supply is sent through the spine. If one part of the spine isn’t moving, it will limit blood supply which can cause a list of ailments along with aches and pains. Manually adjusting the spine through chiropractic care allows the ligaments to realign which opens your nervous system to proper working order. Regular chiropractic care ensures that your spine maintains the adjustment. Often our long term patients are able to strengthen their spines to space out regular visits. Our chiropractic adjustment for migraines can help bring you long term relief. 

The goal of each adjustment is to normalize spinal function, restore essential spinal curves, improve circulation, and reduce nerve irritation. Each of these functions can reduce the number and frequency of headaches for a patient. We always have your long term health in the forefront of every adjustment. Total body health starts within your spine. We can help you feel better.