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Omaha Chiropractic Clinic Care from Dr. Hinze

Dr. Hinze started his clinic in 2012 after a move from Kansas City. His approach to chiropractic care is wellness from the inside out. Treating the cause of pain and disease from our own nervous systems is a passion. Our chiropractic clinic is centered around well care for the whole family. If you are looking a leading Omaha Chiropractor that listens to what your needs are and discusses a plan specific to you and your body, Dr. Hinze is who you are looking for. Our in-house treatments and services are tailored to your body’s needs. We do not perform the same chiropractic treatment, patient after patient, just to get patients in and out. Our mission is to be your whole-body wellness center that focuses on you each and every time you walk in our doors. We want to be your Omaha Chiropractic Clinic.

Chiropractic Care for Common Ailments

Back pain is one of the most common office visits we see. Our chiropractic techniques accomplish far more than just aches and pains in the back. As a leading provider of chiropractic treatments in Omaha NE, we are able to help patients with acute or chronic issues, including headaches, neck pain, sciatica and improper function of the nervous system that may result from auto accident injuries, sports injuries from young athletes to adults, work injuries, heredity, disc injuries, shoulder pain and other causes. Our sports injury clinic covers full x-ray to properly diagnose and then treat the cause of sports related injuries. We offer rehabilitation services through our sports injury clinic as well. We can work with you to show you corrective exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups to help support your spinal adjustments. If there is one thing Omaha NE knows, it’s Huskers and sports! Because chiropractic healthcare is holistic care, patients look to chiropractors for general wellness, too. Preventive healthcare is one of the fastest growing areas of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Evaluation

Before we can treat you, we must first evaluate your condition. We perform spinal and postural screenings that will help us determine the treatment you will need. After a series of questions about your pain, the chiropractor will perform several tests involving reflexes, flexion, posture, and sometimes, x-ray. We will also check your range of motion through a series of movements. This exam is not intended to cause additional pain. We perform our exams slowly as to not exaggerate an existing condition or injury. You are the driving force of what your body needs. We encourage open communication with our team so that we can properly diagnose, treat and manage your pain all in one location in Omaha NE.

Spinal Adjustments

Think of your spine as the driving force of your nervous system. Our internal organs each have nerve endings from the spine. If those nerves are pinched or inflamed, signals cannot be sent. The nerve ending cannot do its job. Our gut health, our moods, our sinus system, our muscular skeletal system is all driven by our spines. Our first focus is to take care of your spine and to make adjustments in your spine. Each visit, we will have a quick patient check in conversation to determine current pain levels and wellness as well as a quick well visit to check which parts of your spine may not be doing their job. The majority of your office visit time will be spent receiving adjustments and treatments specific to your needs. Depending on the injury or ailment, these adjustments and treatments can help improve range of motion, flexibility, comfort, pain relief and overall wellness.

Our Approach to Overall Wellness

Our approach to overall wellness means we do more than just treat the cause. You may come to us with pain in your right shoulder. Sure, we can help with that, but if we notice a range of motion or an adjustment needed in the hips, pelvic, sciatic area, we will treat those issues as well. We are not here to only help with one problem. You achieve overall wellness when your total body is in harmony. The wellness approach is to look for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. We don’t want to simply relieve pain, such as leg pain or chronic pain, we want to fix that pain and strengthen your body so that you do not deal with lifelong pain.

Medical Care vs. Chiropractic Care

Yes, Dr. Hinze is an Omaha Chiropractic Doctor. Yes, he does practice in medicine for the human condition. The main difference of medical care vs. chiropractic care is type of treatment. Medical care is quick to prescribe big pharma scripts to mask, take care of or treat a diagnosis. While antibiotics and prescriptions are not replaced by chiropractic completely, they can help lower the number of products being added to your system. Chiropractic care can repair your central nervous system that causes so many health issues. Several surprising effects of chiropractic care are:

Wellness care seeks to work with your body’s ability to heal naturally. Wellness care does not add something to the system, instead it removes anything that might interfere with normal function. Wellness care trusts that the body would know what to do if nothing were interfering with it. Simple chiropractic adjustments and chiropractic treatments can allow your body to work naturally.

Become Well with Natural Life Chiropractic

In today’s medical age, what does it truly mean to “be well”? Many doctors passionately debate the advantages of wellness care versus standard medicine; the main difference being that the goal of wellness care is to incite the body’s natural healing ability, while standard medical care treats an ailment by the addition of something from the outside – antibiotics, surgeries, etc. While each approach has their rightful place within the medical arena, we believe that when the body is working properly, it tends to heal more effectively and be more resistant to illness. We want to be your preferred Omaha Chiropractor. What can we do to help you feel better?