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“I am currently a patient of Dr. Hinze and believe that I made a great decision in my choice to change chiropractors. I have been receiving chiropractic care for years from another doctor, and last fall while painting my house I experienced a severe pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder area. The pain was excruciating and after three visits to my current chiropractor I was feeling zero relief and I was no longer able to sleep due to the pain. I asked my chiropractor why he did not use his electrical stimulation to combat some of the pain I was having as he did in the past. He said, “I sold that machine since insurance would not cover the treatment any longer.” He also stopped manually adjusting patients and was using a small vibrating device he would simply place on your spin and push a button. He did offer acupuncture but that was not helping either.

My sister was a patient of my chiropractor and had the same issue so she tried Dr. Hinze. When I told her our old doctor was not helping, she referred me to Dr. Hinze as I was in very severe pain by then and could hardly walk upright.

Dr. Hinze got me in right away on a Saturday morning and then again on the following Monday. I had one more treatment that week and the pain was almost completely gone. Dr. Hinze recommended a deep tissue massage by the in-house massage people at Palmer Massage. The treatments are very thorough and Dr. Hinze does not rush while caring for you. He started with spinal decompression on my neck then electric stimulation that was followed by the lumbar machine while applying heat to my neck. Once I was done with the machines, Dr. Hinze took his time methodically stretching my legs, arms, and shoulders before he started adjusting my back and neck. I am currently on a monthly maintenance program and have not felt this good in many years.

Dr. Hinze has my highest recommendation for chiropractic care and overall promotion of wellbeing. I believe that Dr. Hinze is not as concerned with what your insurance will cover as he is with how well you feel. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Hinze for all his care and time.”