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“We came to Natural Life Chiropractic because of a recommendation of a family friend. Our 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with “disc bulges at L4/5 and L5/S1.” We were searching for alternative treatment because we had tried the traditional physical therapy with little results. Initially our visit to Natural Life Chiropractic was to try Massage Therapy; the therapists there came highly recommended. We were offered a chiropractic consultation prior to the massage therapy; we accepted this consultation because we had nothing to lose. However, we gained everything.

Dr. Monte Hinze and his receptionist Sarah greeted us with smiles and welcoming greetings as we walked in the front door. This sticks in my mind because we are greeted the same way every time we visit. As Dr. Hinze spoke with us, he also listened and took notes, which made a great impression on us. Chiropractic treatment was new to our family; it was something we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about. Dr. Hinze was very detailed in describing our daughter’s diagnoses to us. He understood our concerns and was patient as we asked a lot of questions.

We live nearly 150 miles from the Natural Life Chiropractic office, but having met Dr. Hinze and speaking with him, we knew that this was what we had to try. Seeing how Dr. Hinze interacts with his patients made us confident that our daughter was going to get the best treatment possible. She was at ease speaking with him in describing her pain, which helped make her treatments successful. Our daughter is now pain free and able to play the sports that she loves. I am confident when I say that this likely would not have been the case had we not taken the chance with Dr. Monte Hinze.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Dr. Monte Hinse. We will and do recommend him to everyone. We have no problem driving nearly 150 miles to se Dr. Monte and Sarah at Natural Life Chiropractic now or ever.”