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“Upon entering through the door of Natural Life Chiropractic, I was immediately aware of the welcoming atmosphere. It is open and light. Sarah makes a person feel welcome and eagerly anticipated. The entire staff is strongly client-oriented and it is just fun to be there.

Dr. Monte Hinze is soft-spoken and listens intently to his patients. He asks questions to truly understand the concerns that have brought the individual to seek his help. I was appreciative that my ideas were given credence and suggestions were given to address them. Monte started my treatment at a less intense level and increased as my body became accustomed to them. He uses a variety of treatment methods which are very effective and also bring about a holistic healing process.

I began treatment about 8 weeks after having three cervical vertebrae fused. Having suffered for way too long prior to having the surgery, the fusion itself had been very effective in easing the nerve pain. At that point, Monte was able to begin treatment that brought measureable relief right away. Realizing that nerves take some time to be restored to a normal state after being pinched for so long, I was ready for a lengthy recovery. Thanks to Monte and his genius in the field of chiropractic healing, my recovery has been remarkable. My pain level is very low to none.

Chiropractic is important to me as an avenue to continued health and activity. As one of the first Boomers, I have managed to provide my body with many challenges. I was to be able to continue living life to the fullest and am relying on Dr. Hinze to help me do so.”