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Sports Rehabilitation Omaha, NE

At Omaha Natural Life Chiropractic we offer a variety of sports rehabilitation services in the Omaha area. Dr. Monte Hinze has years of experience offering effective sports rehabilitation. When recovering from a sports injury Dr. Hinze focuses on the proper rehabilition techniques to not only treat the injury, but also make sure we prevent this injury from reoccuring. If you have sustained a sports injury, Dr. Hinze will guide you through a vartiey of sports rehab techniques that inclue physical therapy exercises that include manual manipulation or instrument-aided adjustment for the injured region to immediately reduce pain and inflammation. Our chiropractic techniques used to help with sports injuries are non-invasive and safe. After a few visits with Dr. Hinze the function of that specific injury with improve.

Why Sports Rehabilitation

Any form of sports rehabilitation is necessary for a full recovery after a sports-related injury. Often when you’ve sustained an injury you must keep that body part imobilized and let it rest. During the healing process, the muscles and joints are not being used and need to be worked through to build its strength back. Dr. Hinze will use proper chiropractic techniques to address the specific sports injury to get you on the road to recovery.

Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation

The demand on an athlete’s body makes them more prone to sports injuries. When this happens, starting sports rehabilition right away can help to treat injuries fast and safely with the proper care. There are so many benefits to sports rehabilition with the right treatment plan tailored to your injuries. Some of these benefits include:


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